Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Head wrap

It's wet today and I don't have any hair extension on, I'm just chilling with my relaxed short hair. If you've relaxed your hair before you will know that minute you get rained on it gets messy. So one of favourite trends at the moment is my only solution. A head wrap/ doek. I've beern doing the headwrap thing since last year, but only when I have a bad hair day. A friend gave me a Chanel scarf she got on her trip to London, so I'm wearing to day. I'm not into big labels because I can't afford them, if I can afford a big one then it's definitely a fake! lol. So this one here looks legit, if it's not then, Oh well *shrug* lol. Click Here to watch a step by step tutorial on how to tie a head wrap.

"wrap your head around this"

the stars wrappin things up :) via Tumblr

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