Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday Fella #2

The first time I 'met' him, he said "Sawbona unjani?(Zulu for hallo, how are you), If you can GPS swag you can find me" so I did and found him and I've been using that phrase since . That's an opening line to his verse in  a hit song he did with South African rapper Hip Hop Pansula and Ameen . I'm talking about mr 10/10 himself, Nigerian rapper Naeto C(30). The song called, "Boogie Down" received a lot of airplay, throughout Africa. Since that track I've heard a lot more from the musician. Born in Houston, Texas to a Nigerian couple, Naeto spent his early childhood in Ireland, where his parents ambassadors. He later moved to his homeland, Lagos, Nigeria to finish his secondary school. Done with that, Naeto C went to America and graduated at George Washington University with a B Sc in biology. An achieve he is clearly proud of, as he says in his banger track '10/10' . His debut album "You Know my P" was released in 2008 under the Mo Hit Records in Nigeria. Naeto C has since performed in big African events such as the Channel O awards and BET Cypher Hip Hop awards in 2011. His eclectic style has captured my eye. A mixture of Ankara (African) prints and modern pieces makes stand out.

who else can pull off Ankara print pants and Vanz

Looking extra fresh at the 2010 Channel O music video awards

Loving this grey

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Head wrap

It's wet today and I don't have any hair extension on, I'm just chilling with my relaxed short hair. If you've relaxed your hair before you will know that minute you get rained on it gets messy. So one of favourite trends at the moment is my only solution. A head wrap/ doek. I've beern doing the headwrap thing since last year, but only when I have a bad hair day. A friend gave me a Chanel scarf she got on her trip to London, so I'm wearing to day. I'm not into big labels because I can't afford them, if I can afford a big one then it's definitely a fake! lol. So this one here looks legit, if it's not then, Oh well *shrug* lol. Click Here to watch a step by step tutorial on how to tie a head wrap.

"wrap your head around this"

the stars wrappin things up :) via Tumblr

The soulful James Blake

A good friend of mine introduced me to this soulful fella James yesterday, since then, I've been listening to him non stop. 

Enjoy J

Monday, 26 March 2012

Crackle Time! :)

I love nail art to the core! the messier the better. I've recently discover crackle nail polish. You put two coats of  your colour of choice then spice it up with a coat of crackle nail paint, a coat of clear nail pain and viola! you have stunning designs

my first attempt, based with a beige nail colour

looks better with this sparkling nail polish

the site I got tips from

I'm now addicted to crackle
In case you're wondering, these are my natural nails

24/03/2012 OOTD

Went out last Saturday night with the girls. Started out with a seafood platter at our favourite spot, Cafe Neo then went to Incognito Lounge. I'm not a freakum dress kinda girl man, something my sister and friends are so determined to change. Below is my outfit of that day.
White shirt: Mr Price, Neck piece: Foschini, Blue high waist pant: Charity store, Red heels: LEGIT, Red purse: Edgars

me and Retabile's shoes
had no time for a full face just did the eyes pink lips
my sister Nondwe and Friend Nombulelo

Thursday, 22 March 2012

SA Hip Hop Prince shakes the Small Town

On Wednesday, 21, March, we celebrated Human's Rights day in SA. A local youth radio station organised a series of events to mark this important day and rounded it all up with a party theme "Celebrate your right to party" the night before the holiday. Who better to celebrate our rights with, other than the "beast" and "problem" AKA? Before the show at Incognito,  I had a chance to have a chat with the Cape Town born rapper. Many have labelled the "prince of SA hip hop" as arrogant, but arrogance, like beauty lies on the eye of the beholder.  I must say I do think he's confident, very much.  But who wouldn't be if they could back it up like he can? His debut album "Alter Ego" saw him win three Metro FM music awards, and it's a hard one to find in music stores, Something AKA has mixed feelings about. "I've heard loads of people complaining that they can't find the album, that means it's selling fast, which is a good thing. But I don't like the fact that some other people who want to support me can't find it." he said. He's quick to point out though that he cannot release sales figures as there currently is no method for tracking them. AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes said he's super excited about the possibility of more awards. He has been nominated for the Best Male Artist and Best Street Urban Album awards in this year's South African Music Awards. "Everyone I'm nominated with is big, they are competition, it means a lot to me," he said. "I'm excited about the best male category because it means as a Hip Hop artist I give competition to musicians in other genres as well, at the end of the day music is music," he added. Besides the awards, he regards no-one as competition. He's his own competition. "I'm my own number 1, I have to keep at it"

 AKA has promised his supporters that next year he'll be releasing a new album. "Towards the end of this year I will drop a couple of singles, just to give a taste of what awaits," he said. He said the Ivy League(the group of music producers he's a part of) family is still happy and they will continue to work with him in his forthcoming album. "There's no doubt Ivy League did a great job on Alter Ego,we'll work together, but I'm looking at working with other beat-makers for new and different sounds. I don't wanna be monotonous" said the GQ style award winner. He's known for his on point style, which he says is entirely his own ideas. "I don't have a stylist, I put my look together myself, except for when I go to awards, then some brands offer to dress me." He regards Kanye West as his style inspiration. "It's important to present a proper package, and know what you want to archive. You have to look good," he said.

AKA says his busy schedules makes hard to make or keep friends, as he is constantly on the road, which he regards as just a disadvantage he has to live with. Speaking of being on the road all the time, he's looking forward to the Miller Music Tour, which he'll be doing with TV personality Minnie Dlamini and fellow rapper Khuli Chana, starting on May, 30.

In conclusion, the "victory lap" hit maker advised up and coming musicians not to wait to be signed in big music labels, but push for themselves. "You don't need people to sign you, there's nothing a big company can do you that you can't as an independent artist. I'm living proof," he concluded.

With the chat done, it was time go celebrate our right to party. And boy did we celebrate!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Friday Fella #No. 1

Ok so I've just realised I don't ever feature anything about the fellas on my blog. Now every Friday I will post a "Friday Fella" piece, where I will spotlight a man of style, talent and class, famous and not so famous. Today I introduce to you(okay so what if you know him?lol) LABRINTH. Though born on April fools' day in '89, there's nothing foolish about this young talent. The English born singer-song writer/ producer was discovered by the famous talent scout Simon Cowell and immediately signed to his label Syco in 2009.  In 2010 Labrinth made his debut and featured on fellow English star Tinie Tempah's  'Pass out" which I must say is constantly playing on my iPhone. After that he did two other collaborations with Tinie entitled "Frisky" and "earthquake"  ,bangers! Then his solo single was released, "let the sun shine" in September 2010. Now this song has special place in my heart. It takes me back to wonderful times with my son, he had just been born when it came out, and he loved it! crazy right? but he did. His album "Electronic Earth" is due for release on April 2nd, 2012. If like me you wanna follow him around( not literally of course lol ) follow him on Instagram @official_labrinth, on Facebook: Labrinth, on Twitter:  

Labrinth is not only a talented musician, but an awesomely stylish bloke. Check him out talking about his style and transformation here. Below are some of his stunning outfits.

splash of colour

from his FB page

standing tall!

judging by the outfits this is behind the scenes "Earthquake" music video

How swuave is this fella?


some of his shoes( from his FB page)
Source: Wikipedia, daily post, Labrinth social networks


It's been a busy week for me, at work and in my personal life, it's just been hectic. I'm not complaining though, it was all good things. After work on Monday I hung out with an entrepreneur friend, he's helping develop my own business. So that was cool. Then on Tuesday we went to a documentary movie screening at a local club. The set-up was gorgeous, the movie? brilliant. The down-side was the poor turn-out. only less than 20 people attended. Poor attendance is a big problem in this small town, especially where the arts is concerned. People would rather go to a club and listen to house music than go watch and listen to a documentary. It's really sad.

Then on Wednesday we went to an arts exhibition. The  regional judging of the ABSA L'Atelier took place at the Ann Bryant art gallery, and I had a blast. I love everything about arts exhibitions, the beautiful works on display, the people and of course the good glass of wine. I had an opportunity to catch-up with one my local favourite artist, Buntu who's work I featured on an earlier post.

 The ABSA L'Atelier Now in its 27th year, continues to recognise and reward the skills, talent and imagination that exist in an extremely competitive and often challenging environment as well as presenting a unique opportunity to artists to showcase their talent and embark on new and exciting opportunities. Unfortunately the artists for all the competing works were not there. Below are picture I took there

me and Buntu acting up for the

me and my bestie Lerato Pholo

my friend Seed

PS I'm not crazy about the picture quality, I forgot my camera and used my phone

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I'm loving pastel colors at the moment. colour blocking is one my favourite trends, I did a post on it some time last year. When I first took notice of the trend, neon colours were being mixed. Now, pastel colors are even hotter. I will post pics of myself giving the trend a try! wish me luck. for now though check these stylish celebrities rocking it!

Lala Anthony looking super steezy in this magazine cover

one of the most stylish entertains of our times, Kanye West

pastel color-blocked Christian Louboutin sandals! Yum!
my favourite stylista of the moment ms Gabifresh

Preen, Prada and Phillip Lim

new Mr. Price limited edition pastel/tribal print range

My favorite stylistar of the moment, Solange  in a  yellow suit

Solange again in yello

Monday, 12 March 2012

me and make-up

I love clothes and pretty things, but when it comes to make-up I'm a late bloomer. I only started wearing it when I wast 21, in 2009. That's pretty late compared to other girls. Even then it would just  be a bit of foundation, powder and tinted lipgloss. Since then I've watching a lot make-up tutorials on youtube, but I still feel like I have a very long way to go to get it right. I struggle a lot to blend my make-up. I always end up with weird looking "divide" between the forehead and hairline. 

used some cheap stuff I got at the chemist, green and purple eyeshadow, and a green pencil  Ralo cosmetics

See the blending problem I was talking about?

I used: Revlon colorStay foundation in mahogany, green and purple eyeshoadow from a chemist, M.A.C cremeblend in something special(very little though), M.A.C brave shade lipstick with clear Lips therapy gloss, and Yardley Oatmeal treatment pressed powder in medium

The talent that is Arty Mgudlwa

Fashion designer and blogger Athi Mgudlwa finished his first ever full range last year. Unfortunately I didn't attend the event, but a few weeks ago I saw the full range at his place.  I was super impressed. I tried on a waste coat-like "waterfall" top. It's meant for men, but because it's only thing the fit my figure, I tried it on! Gosh I love it. To see more of Athi's work click here.

P.S don't judge the face okay?! I was