Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Day 5: 5 places I want to visit!

1. London, England
I absolutely love the city. I've never been there but I've dreamt so much about it I almost feel like a citizen.lol..In fact I don't just wish to visit London, but I'd love to move there permanently.

The stunning London City

2. New York, USA
I would love to experience said hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. One day is one day.

The ever so famous NYC yellow cabs

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I don't know much about Dubai, accept for the amazing architecture! It's magnificent, I would love to visit and take loads of lovely pictures
How stunning are these buildings?

4. Ibiza
The night life, clear water beaches and dance music! I want it all

Ibiza bay-bay!!

5. Lagos, Nigeria
The busy Nigerian capital

I'm pretty sure this says a lot about me! Tell me what you think

Monday, 30 July 2012

Congrats Mum!

My mother inspires me in many different ways. She brought up all four of us all on her own when she got divorced. She ensured through everything that we are happy and well supported. Great teacher and motivator, both at home and at work. Today she graduated in an Advanced Certificate in Education. I accompanied her to the graduation, never having gone to my own, I was so proud to hear her name being called. It's amazing how at her age she manages to juggle work, running a household, having grand kids and us(who'll forever be her babies,lol) and still find the time to study. I'm greatly inspired, such that I will enrol to do my BTech in journalism next here.

We took pics with our phones :)
me and mummy

I wore a gold peplum top from Foschini, Black Mr. Price pencil skirt, Beige Sissy Boy platforms, Minx watch, gold  Nostalgia chunky chain



Day 4: Meaning Behind My Tumblr name

My Tumblr name is Zonastg, it stands for Zona Small Town Girl. I chose the name because it was the same name I used for my Blogger blog. But I have since changed my blogger name to Hook and Eye. Hook and Eye is a garment fastening item. Used in bras, corsets, skirts and lots more.

day 3: my day in great detail

day 3 was on Saturday but I forgot to post. I woke up around 10 to open the door for mum who'd been visiting for the weekend. Soon after  I made myself a yum English breakfast. Done with that, I read the latest book in our book-club, "50 Shades of Grey" by E.L James, I was consumed by it until around 3, then I made my bed and took a shower. Mummy came back from town. I made us both a quick snack. I cooked dinner and we had it at around six. Read some more until 8 then we chatted till we slept.

So yeah that my Day 3 in GREAT DETAILAL


Friday, 27 July 2012

Day 2: 10 likes and dislikes

1. Laughter
2. Chicken
3. Shoes
4. Friendship
5. Music
6. Family
7. My iPhone
8. nail polish
9. Beauty
10. Good scents

1. Negativity 
2. Elevators
3. Abuse of any kind
4. Homophobia
5. Heights
6. Badly produced music
7. Bullies
8. Diets
9. Hate
10. Frogs

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Day 1: write a few basic things about yourself

I'm a Pisces.

Last born of a family of four children.

I am a mother to an adorable young boy :).

I'm left-handed.

Monday, 23 July 2012

the 30 day challenge

I saw this challenge on one of the blogs I followed and thought it'd be cool to try out.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

#ootn 11/07/2012

I went to some animal scientist awards and dinner last night. This is what I wore. The quality of the pictures is terrible though. I need a good camera.

The yummy meal

Bad quality photo, the top and blazer are from a 'my friend shop' in town, skirt from Fashion World, boots from Mr Price

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

#OOTD 11/07/2012

Quick outfit of the day. Nothing special, been at the office all day today.

wish I had someone to take a full length pic for me. sigh..Red and white jersey with elbow leather patches from Ackermans, Denim shirt from Hang Ten, utility jeans from Fashion Express, navy spiky pointed shoes from Rage, Neckpiece from Mr Price

Mint Blazer

I've had this blazer for a while, but some reason I'm just not crazy in love with it. I don't hate but...you know what I mean lol. Yesterday  I wore it and a friend told me it looks like one Kim Kardashian(hers must have cost a fortune) wore a while ago, great(stylish) minds think alike then because I also wore it with a black top and and jeans :D

love this black sheer blouse with the blazer

G Town arts fest

So last weekend  I went to the Grahamstown Art Festival with my boo. It was okay I guess. It wasn't great. I think it would have a bit more fun if we'd gone with friends, dunno. I enjoyed an awesome play at the city hall though. It's called Ghetto bang, it's a story of South African history through fashion, music and dance. I absolutely enjoyed it. The choreography was a mix of pansula and hip hop. I thoroughly enjoyed this show, it gets 4 out of 5 stars from. I'd give it a 5 but I wasn't happy with their choice of music, most of it was American. I think South African music would've been more fitting as the story is about the country.

Don't you just love my head wrap? I do..lol

I wore an all black outfit with my fave booties.

Grahamstown has gorgeous buildings

African masks and stuff

the City Hall

Ghetto Bang captured by the Dispatch

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Random post! Wate On

Over the years I've gained a lot of weight, which I am now I'm trying to lose. I've gained 10 kilograms since I finish versity in 2008. Back when I was still in versity I used to do boxing, only for fun so I guess that's how I kept the extra weight off. Ever since I started working I haven't joined gym, I just jogged for a couple of months last year. I do worry about weight, and sometime I worry a lot more than other times. Last year after the jogging didn't "work" I did the master cleanse, which has to be one of the most difficult things I've ever done. I didn't eat any solids for 8 straight days, but still din't achieve my desired results! Though I don't go to gym, I'm very active you know! Sucks to see people who eat junk everyday  and never gain a kilo...but hey I guess we can't all be skinny hun. anyway forget my rambling and check out this picture below. Apparently, decades ago it was cool to be chubby, especially in summer.



Tuesday, 3 July 2012

#OOTD: 03/07/2012

So I promised to do an OOTD (outfit of the day) with items on my last post about my new buys so here it is! And oh I'm excited by my new hair. It's box braids, excellent for protective  styling for my relaxed tresses.

So that the look, the bag, shirt, shoes, and shades aren't new 

Burn-out! (*_*) sorry but you can see the braids better, right? tight!lol

My mate Arty Mgudlwa took my pics

Us two :)