Monday, 26 March 2012

24/03/2012 OOTD

Went out last Saturday night with the girls. Started out with a seafood platter at our favourite spot, Cafe Neo then went to Incognito Lounge. I'm not a freakum dress kinda girl man, something my sister and friends are so determined to change. Below is my outfit of that day.
White shirt: Mr Price, Neck piece: Foschini, Blue high waist pant: Charity store, Red heels: LEGIT, Red purse: Edgars

me and Retabile's shoes
had no time for a full face just did the eyes pink lips
my sister Nondwe and Friend Nombulelo


  1. loving the blue and red combo... ooooooo and the ring (((giggles)))

  2. Thanks...oh the ring! lol see my fingers are a bit thick so I can't wear it on the ring and middle fingers like you do

  3. those shoes are popping !!!!!


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