Monday, 17 November 2014

Skyy Vodka Elevated Experience: East London edition competition

Hey loves. Here's a chance to go to of one of the hottest parties in SA.

The Skyy Vodka Elevated Experience   is on its way to East London for what promises to be the party on the year. The exclusive event will be hosted on Saturday, 22 November at a secret location, which will be revealed to guests on Thursday, 20 November.

The East London leg of the event will host an exciting list of top entertainers including popular DJ and house music maestro, Fistaz Mixwell, who captivated guests at the PE Elevated Experience in June, this year at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Other acts set to memorise on stage include, popular music duo - Twins on Decks, P.H, the gorgeous MS Cosmo and DJ Anda.

Guests will be greeted with SKYY Vodka cocktails as a welcoming drink, and complimentary signature SKYY beverages and delicious canap├ęs, to ensure they enjoy the premium things in life and receive the full SKYY VIP treatment.

now here's how you can win double tickets to this exclusive party. Leave a comment down below telling me why you think you deserve to win. The two best commenter will each win double tickets to the show! 

Monday, 30 June 2014

Look mama, I'm famous!

...Well, sort of lol! so  I told you bout the Maybelline competition I won a while back right? I went to Cape Town, got lost a bit thanks to my half a sleep half awake cab driver, but anywho it's water under the bridge because I found the location for the shoot and had a blast. Below are some of the snaps. Must say though it's kinda weird getting your makeup done by someone else when you always do it yourself.

Sorry I struggled and gave up on rotating the pics.

Later xx

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

About Me!

Good day love

As I share in a previous post,  I have started a Youtube Channel. The content of the channel will mostly be makeup, beauty, style and just general things about life. I posted two videos a few weeks ago that were tutorials but I hadn't introduced myself. So today I've just uploaded an introduction entitled "About Me". It's really brief but I felt it had to be done. Of course as time goes by I will share more about myself. For now though check this out.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Everyday face!

Hi there

It's no secret that as I grow older, like many ladies I know I've started to like makeup, a lot. However as much as I love catching the beat I like to keep it simple. I do switch it up for nights out and special occasions but on the daily I keep it so minimal you'd think I'm bare faced. I started wearing makeup regularly about two years ago(yes, late bloomer in many books but yeah lol).I see myself as a beginner.  Makeup for the longest time really was not a big deal here in SA. Many ladies don't wear it at all. However many are starting to wear it like my newbie self. I've started a Youtube channel wherein I'll share the little that I've learnt so far on makeup/beauty and style. Yes there are millions of beauty channels out there, but there aren't many by South African girls. It's all well and good oooh and aaah about gorgeous makeup on YT but it sucks that some of the products used by the girls from the US/UK are either not available at all here or super expensive. Now with this channel I'm using items that are available in SA and inexpensive. Phew, that was mouthful! anyhoo here's the video of my everyday makeup. Check it out, subscribe to the channel, rate and comment.

before meets after :D


Monday, 10 March 2014

Maybe she's born with it!

Hello Loves

Some time in mid February I entered a Maybelline South Africa competition called L'Oreal Maybelline Dream competition on Facebook. You know how it goes, you enter a competition and think "I probably won't win this, there's thousands of pretty girls who visit the page, surely there'll be as many entries". The first stage of the competition required one to post their picture posing with their favourite Maybelline product. Because I have three favourites I took 3 selfies using them, created a collage and entered. Yes there were many entries, gorgeous girls if I may add, but to cut a long story short, I was picked as one of the 10 finalists and I received the news on my birthday(28 February). The second stage required that the finalists send a short video of themselves motivating why they should win. That was the easiest part for me because I LOVE Maybelline products(and their advertisements more lol), and surely the brand would want someone who knows and loves their products to win. So as soon as I got home after work that day I put together my humble little "set" in my room, that basically means I sat on my camp chair, put my phone on the window seal and started rolling. I did just one take, as honest as could be, edited it immediately(adding the opening and closing segment and music)  and viola! I won! ayeye! *big grin*
The prize for competition includes return flight tickets to Cape Town + accommodation (yay I haven't been to CPT since 2012), a pro photo shoot(makeup and wardrobe, the works :D) and wait for it....a feature on Glamour magazine! I'm really really excited bout this. I thought I'd share the video with you. Check it out below. I will definitely share everything about the trip and the shoot so do keep an eye.

the collage for the first round

Monday, 10 February 2014

Sorry I'm Late

Whoa! Where do I even begin? Saying "happy new year" will invite remarks such as "is she crazy?" or "where have you been?" so let me not even say it. I wish I could say something very important has kept me posting here but honestly, nothing stood on my way. I would think of coming by to say my hellos but then dismiss it. Call it procrastination or downright laziness, I won't argue with you.

Now that I'm finally here, please be kind and still accept my well wishes to you and yours loved ones for the not so new year. So far it's been really interesting for me. My emotions and feelings have been just a cocktail of excitement, nervousness, moments of feeling invincible and those of self doubt.

Yes, like 80% of the human race (well didn't get that stat anywhere but I'm just assuming lol) I had many areas that I vowed to improve this year. As 20ForMe(2014) began I vowed to be more kind to my body, carefully watching what I put into it, meaning a drastic change in my eating and drinking habits. It's been going well low so far, I've had my hiccups but I'm still motivated. Basically I just try to not have any processed foods(think hotdogs, sausages, tomato sauce, fizzy drinks etc) I've been eating veges, fruits, meat and drinking loads of water. I'm not doing this as means of trying to lose weight, but just to feel good you know, not get bloated and just be full of energy.  In addition, I've started swimming classes, yes I'm 25 turning 26 but can't swim. When I was younger(pre-teens) I could swim, but as I grew older and started worrying about my looks, especially my hair I just quit. After years of not going anywhere near a swimming pull I developed a fear of swimming which I'm the process of casting away. Swimming caps aren't sexy though lol.

Still in the spirit of "new year new me" I finished a 9.2 kilometer fun run last week. Along with 1276 ladies,  I rocked my pink Tshirt written "every girl has iron core"to take part in Irongirl 2014. The fun run is like a pre party for the world famous South Africa Ironman 70.3 triathlon. I didn't prepare as much as  I should have but I'm proud of my finishing time 1:13:55.

On areas of uncertainty and hunger for growth mentally, physical and in my career, I am making moves, one step at a time. Before  I get carried, let me stop here. I will be posting more stuff from now on. xx

I'm in there somewhere :p