Tuesday, 29 January 2013

a few buys

I treated myself to a few beauty/make up and accessories. Check them out.

Essence lipstick in In the Nude(52),  Essence lipliner in Nude and   Hot Chocolate, Tip Top  nail polish in  Mashmallow pink, Revlon nailpolish in Polished( All available at Clicks and Dischem) and of course my lovely friends at Ralo Cosmetics let me have this mini eye-shadow kit!

Haven't bought accessories in a bit, just had to have these. Pink embellished neck-piece: Mr.Price, Coral and silver chocker: Jet Stores, faux gold and pearl earrings: both from Mr. Price 

Got this snake skin and neon envelop clutch from Ackermans(it was sooo cheap)

And last but not least, I bought these two hair products that I want to try out. Ever since Organic Root Stimulator came into the market I forgot all about Dark 'n Lovely, while shopping yesterday I saw this cholesterol treatment and decided to try it. I've seen a lot of rants and raves about Tressemme heat protector also wanna try it.

That's all for now. Can't wait to share my thoughts when I've used all the stuff above! What have you treated yourself to  lately? Do share


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

outfit of the day

I haven't been inspired to do an 'outfit of the day' in a while. I take most of my photos with my phone, so the quality is not so great. Because of this I'm not so excited about posting anymore. I've been working on getting a good quality DSLR with not much success. Hopefully before June I will succeed. In the mean time here's an OOTD from a few weeks back. Finally wore this peplum top I got from Fashion Express in October. It's summer here, so I later changed the pants for shorts because of the heat. 

Top: Fashion Express, Pants and Neckpiece: Mr Price, studded sandals: Legit

excuse the awkward pose and even worse picture quality lol.  The shorts are also from Fashion Express


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

52 week Money Saving Challenge

I must admit, I don't spend my money as  I wisely as I can. I'm also not saving as much as I should. Recently I saw a 52 week money saving challenge in a number of blogs, and decide to take it on. It is not easy but I'm willing to take it on. Basically you put away money each week, then keep adding more each week. For example, 1st week you put away R7, then the following add R14, then R21 and so on. I was supposed to have started it on the first week of January but I've only found bout the challenge this week. Now this week being the third one of the month I've started with R42.00 to catch up. However, as the money increases at the later stage of the challenge it will be much easier for me to put away the money on a monthly basis. I know this sounds a little complicated, but the table below from namina.co.za will simplify it. I hope you find this post helpful. Please share your opinion on money saving.

These are the 2 options one can choose from

 Ta :)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

I'm still alive!

Yes I'm still here. Apologies for the lack of posts. During Christmas holidays I focus all my attention on my family. Because for the most part of the year, I never get enough time to spend with them.

So this here is "Happy New Year" from me. Trusting that you had wonderful festive season. May the Lord give you strength to keep working hard to archive your goals!

Hugs and Kisses