Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I may come across as though I feel stuck in this small town, well, I wont lie, some days I do. These days though, I'm happy. My friends from the big from the big cities, Johannesburg and Cape Town are here.  Well, they are from here but have "urbanised". It's common practice in Eastern Cape or any rural province for people to move to big cities in search of better jobs. Now that we're approaching Christmas and New year, such people go home bearing gifts for their loved one. My friend Zora Dick works in Cape Town, while Sindie Noqayi is based in Jozi. We all met in versity. studying towards a journalism diploma. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and What'sApp, four years later, we live our lives together "virtually". Now homecoming season means we can get together and have fun!. Last week Friday, after constant checks, Zora told me and Lerato(my fellow small town girl) that she'd finally arrived.  The excitement! A much needed night out on the cards, joined by Lenise( our jet-setting friend) we got ready at my place, then off we went to join the nocturnal!  The plan was to stay up till the sun came up...and boy did we do it! Sindie still in Jozi at the time, couldn't join in on the fun. The soundtrack for the night was Grandad Freeman's infamous tune...lmao! Drink after drink, we spotted wild animals; a skunk and a raccoon,and we spotted Barbie's boo, Kent. here's to more fun with my girls!

 stunners on, indoors at night

night creatures!

 so the sun came up

Lenise's walk of fame after her plank

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Smiley Face :)

My feel good song! Watching Cee-lo Green perform live is on my bucket list...Please help me Gosh! 

Enjoy...and remember to put on a smiley face, it's easily one of the hardest things to do

Feathers Accessories

I'm always wary of over accessorising and often end up under accessorised. Which is I often opt for statement pieces, that don't require stacking! I wear one, say a headband/earrings/neck piece and I'm good and ready to go. Feather accessories do exactly that for me..check these out...

pic from

Headband from 9's

my earrings from Mr. Price

yes vincent accessories

Monday, 5 December 2011

colour blocking no.1 inspiration to colour block
Splash of colour!

Gucci Spring 2011

Me, at a wedding last weekend

me and Wanda(wedding planner)

My sweet friend Lerato :D
Me and wedding planner friend, Wanda Dana. Don't you just love her vintage skirt?I do

Got these plimsoles at Mr Price, LOOOVE them