Wednesday, 27 June 2012

new buys

So I haven't shopped much in a while. Yesterday I spoiled myself with a few essentials.

1. I've long been needing a hot new timepiece :D, got this silver and gold Minx Watch at American Swiss, I heart it! Gosh!
2. I've heard a lot of good things about The Body Shop's Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz, it's nice hey, I'm sure it's even better in summer.
3.  Gold rimmed sunglasses from Mr. Price, these are a bit bigger for my face, but I like them, so I'll be roaming around like an insect.

4. Legit blue nail polish, got nothing to say about it, it's just nail polish lol

5. Maybelline Fit Me 30 concealer! I've used concealer before, but this one is just perfect for highlighting under my eye and 'perfecting' my brows! I'm sold.

6. Beaded earring from Mr. Price, bright and colourful and cheap too :D

Ping Blazer from a boutique in town

Leather biker jacket! can't wait to wear it(OOTD coming soon)

Got these pants are from Legit, they're are purple not blue actually, my camera is colour blind lol

Swatches for the nude lipsticks bellow(both from Ralo cosmetics)

Monday, 25 June 2012

New Name

Yes it's still me, Small Town Girl. I've just changed the name of my blog, I felt like "small town art East London" was just too limiting. I have plans to move to another city someday , so I needed something less limiting. I will be putting up my new logo and layout soon! XoXo.

hook and eye button

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Forever New hits East London

Australian clothing retailer Forever New opened at Hemingways mall East London on Monday, much to the delight of us small town style/fashion addicts. From the dazzling and daring accessories to the pretty pastel and 'shy' shades of beige, I'm sold! Pity I'm broke at the moment, I couldn't buy anything at the store, but as soon as get sorted I'll haul.

Forever New(source)

Stunning Gold neckpiece

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I am not my hair

That’s the title of one of my favorite musician’s songs, India Arie. The message is clear; one’s hair doesn’t make them who they are. Really? Then why are hair extensions and hair products selling so fast? There are hair salons in every corner, a million different hair styles, colours and cuts. Does my hair really not make me who I am? This crossed my mind when I was enduring a hot blow drier after relaxing my hair this morning.

model Eva Pigford/ Marcel

relaxed hairsource

India Arie(in Fro and Braids) Amber Rose bald, relaxed hair(source
 I removed the braids I had for a month last night. I asked myself, why I am going through so much pain for something that’s so unimportant. I am educated, I have a good personality (I’d like to believe) and stylish, hair is just hair. Right? Not! My hair is a big part of me, it makes my outfit, it adds to the package that I present to the world as a reflection of how I feel about myself.

After years of chopping and changing, from afro, dreadlocks, short hair, braids and weave, I opted to straighten my hair last year. Like many black sisters, I use relaxer to straighten once every six weeks. In a nutshell, I have Eurocentric hair. It’s better to manage than my natural, very curly, kinky hair. Another topic for debate, a dreadlocked brother once said my relaxed hair means I’m not proud to be an African. My response, “brother, you speak English 80 per cent of the time, you don’t exactly go hunting for your next meal, nor do you walk around wearing animal hides in true African style”. Harsh? No, but true, I moved with the times, like the rest of the world. Evolution, why would one choose to drink river water when there’s running water.

I also have a friend who is always bald headed. She’s gorgeous, I wish I was as gutsy. She has stereotypes to deal with too. She says some people just assume she’s a lesbian.

Dreadlocks are cool too...
Yaya Dacosta; Chrisette  Michelle, Sanaa Lathan; conrows

Monday, 18 June 2012

My Winter Wishlist

These are items I just need to have this winter. They are not the warmest, but it's common knowledge Africa winters are not as freezing as other parts of the world. Will post pics as soon as I put together this look.


My Winter Wishlist

Elizabeth and James satin shirt
$295 -

Long sleeve top
£40 -

Biker jacket
$1,000 -

Black legging
£23 -

Coconuts boots
$140 -

Vivienne Westwood skull jewelry
$81 -

Stella Dot pyramid jewelry
$59 -

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

my insta favourites!

here's a few pics on my Instagram page. Please follow me there on @zona_za

On my way to dinner at Bora Bora

At a friend's braai about 2 to 3 months ago :D

Gift from a friend for my birthday, I haven't used it, I just love to look at it! :D

view from one of my favourite restaurants Bora Bora

me heading to work(Aztec print Tshirt from Jay Jay's) 

meal served at the dinner with the president event I attended a month ago

Food!! :D

Okay so it's no secret that I love food ^_^ a lot!

Got the vintage cosmetic bag at a second hand store. Love it to bits!

me and my buddy Eric Gyma