Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I see stars

Friday, 7 December 2012

Ralo Summer Makeup colours!

Since last year I've been ranting and raving about how cool Ralo Cosmetics makeup is. Judging from their latest colour range, I won't stop raving any time soon. The lovely ladies at the beauty chains head office in Cape Town sent me gorgeous colours to work with this summer! Boy am I loving them.

In summer I'm always a little sceptical of wearing make up as it can easily melt and look a hot mess. But considering that I don't want to take time off beauty, I've picked up a few tips on how to put on light weight, melt-proof make up.

1. Go easy on the foundation: there are BB creams out in the market, they are a great light weight alternative. Or like me you can just mix your favourite face moisturizer and with a tiny bit of your foundation.
2. Try out bright colours! on your lips or eyes, but not both...if the eyes are bold then go easy on the lips and vice versa.
3. Glow but don't shine. A light weight powder and  a hint of bronzer will give a lovely glow.

What are your summer make up tips??

lime blouse: Popstars, floral skater skirt; Mr Price, black studded sandals: David Tlale at Legit

My beautiful colleague Melody let me do her make up too! It was a bit challenging because Melo never wears it, so I didn't do something too shocking for her. With her flawless skin I didn't even use foundation on her. I just did the eyes, lips and chicks. Isn't she stunning!

All items available at Ralo( locate your nearest store here)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

ootn: 15/11/2012

Hey dolls

Last night I went to some government something launch....blah blah blah..fishpaste lol

I didn't know what to wear, so after messing up my cupboard I found this white dress. I've worn it once before but  I styled it down. This time around I tjuzed it up with make up, heels and a clutch bag.

dress: fashion express; black wedge: Truworth; clutch bag: fashion world; watch: Amercan Swiss

Thursday, 8 November 2012

sneaker wedge

I unboxed this lovely pair of sneakers last week. I've been looking for them for a while now. They may no be the famous Isabel Marants' but they will do! I don't have a few thousand Rands to spare...lol

Instinct at foschini

Thursday, 1 November 2012

#OOTD 31/10/2012

We've hit by a serious bout of bad weather in the Eastern Cape. It's been raining and freezing cold. The sad part is that it's supposed to be summer. Now we see ourself going back to our already packed away winter clothes. But hey what can we do? Smile and wave, for we're still breathing.

Here's what I wore yesterday. BTW I have a weave on now.

two tone shirt: Fashion Expess; beige trench coat: Fashion World, jeans and boots: Mr Price; Bag: Becca Boutique; Cat eye sunglasses: Woolworths

Monday, 15 October 2012

#FOTD 12/10/2012

So today being Friday, I woke up with a serious bout of excitosis! I took some time to do my make up after going bare for the past few weeks. Check it out

instagram photo so the colours aren't clear enough

1.Face: Not wearing foundation, 3 steps and Black Opal translucent powder
2. Eyebrows: Brown Sleek brow pencil and Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Cafe Cafe 30
2. Eyes: Ralo Cosmetics green eyeshadow, green chubby eyeline and Bobbi Brown dark brown eyeshadow on the our corners of eyelids, Rimmel black mascara
4. Lips Ralo Cosmetics Nude lipstick in colour 57

Products used.

If you noticed I use a lot of Ralo Cosmetics products! They easy to work with, pretty and affordable. Do check out their website..


Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Fella #3: Miguel

His song ""Adorn"" has been making waves all over the radio and TV and it's been a constant #NP joint on social networks. Adorn is not the first hit from this talent 26 year old. Miguel, full name Miguel Jontel Pimentel first shot to fame after releasing his debut album in 2010. The first single ""All I want is you"" featuring  rapper J.Cole reached number 7 in the US Billboard charts. For an RnB fanatic like myself, he couldn't have come at a better tome.

Miguel's next single "sure thing" soon followed and didn't disappointed, peaking at number one on the RnB chart. Since then, up is the only direction Miguel's career has been taking.  He featured on Wale's "Lotus flower bomb"", one of the best collaboration in '11! Love the song.

I love love this guy's music, and I can't wait to get his new album "Kaleidoscope" released on Wednesday.  Now check out Miguel's fresh style. Unfortunately gay rumours have been doing the rounds about him, but he's not phased. In an interview with radio station Power 105.1 he said he understands that rumours will always be there about anyone, and maybe it's his style that set them off. In his latest music video he features his girlfriend of 7 years to prove a point lol...

Now here are a few pics of this stylish young fella

Sources: Necolebitchie.com, Miguelworldwide.wordpress.com, wikipedia, Youtube

Thursday, 27 September 2012

OOTD 27/09/2012

How do you tell Zona is lazy to blog? she posts OOTDs...here's today's!
Denim shorts are really fresh, but I don't have the legs nor the guts to rock the short shorts so I just went midi. I cut these Lee Coper blue jeans this morning 

Sunglasses: Mr. Price, Chunky Chain: Nostalgia, Two-tone orange and beige blouse: Fashion Express: Denim shorts: DIY; Black and Beige leather wedge: Mr. Price, Bag: Becca boutique

PS: S/O to my son on the background on the left frame! lol...mommy loves you boy

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

OOTD 24/09/2012

I've been ranting and raving about how much I want summer and so it's finally here! Scotching hot weather but I really don't mind it!

Last week we had a long weekend, with Monday being national heritage day. Great day to celebrate the diverse cultures in South Africa.

I didn't do any 'heritagey' things though! lol...I needed some chill time. I just had an awesome session at the gym, lunch with my boyfriend and then spent the rest of the day with my son and niece.

Here's an outfit I wore to my lunch-date.

Colour block top: Jet, white pants and scarf print platform sandal: Legit, Necklace Mr Price

FOTD: groomed brows, no foundation and pink lippy from Ralo cosmetics

ever so yummy Cafe Neo food 

his and hers drinks lol

Thursday, 13 September 2012

My First Ever Rubybox 

There's nothing more exciting for a lady than to unleash a mystery of stunning goodies in a box. Be it diamonds, chocolate or beauty products, we love it all! Two days ago, I experienced that good feeling when opening my first ever Rubybox. After hearing a lot about the monthly subscription, I just had to have it. A couple of emails later, viola! I recieved my September Rubybox, and boy am I chuffed.

my favourite sample in my Rubybox

My September Rubybox consists of a Palmolive shower gel, which I tried out at the gym the same day. It has eucalyptus extracts that gives my skin that fresh minty feeling! I'm definitely buying it when the sample is finished. 

From top left: Piz Buin tan and protect, Givenchy Very Irresistable Electric Rose sample, Camilla nail vanish, and a  Rubybox angle powder brush

Unfortunately I won't be using the Piz Buin tan and protect lotion for obvious reason! lol...I don't need a tan Thanks. 

Givenchy Electric Rose, it smells good, and it lasts but I'm not that big on floral scents...so...

The nail polish is stunning though! I applied two days ago, and it has not chipped nor bubbled. I love the colour as well. Out of five hook and eye buttons, I give it a dazzling 4!

Last but not least, the Rubybox angled brush, I love it. It's soft and fluffy and an angled brush is easy to work  with, especial around the eye area.

My over-all opinion on the September Rubybox: It's really really nice. I'm definitely looking forward to the October one.

You can also join in the mystery and first-hand experience on new products by subscribing for just R100 a month on the Rubybox website.

Till later darlings

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I love Candy!

Statement watches and chunky bracelet are all the buzz, wanna try the trend? here are some ideas. I'm pro bargain hunting, but for this one, going for a reputable brand of watches is advisable. Watches can last you a long time, so they're worth the splurge! Then go cheaper on the bracelets. Studs, pearls, friendship bracelets, charms! just about anything, go crazy! :)


Been wearing this watch almost everyday since I bought it! I looove it. It's a Minx from American Swiss. Bracelets from Mr. Price

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Spring Countdown

I have invites to two events this Friday, I haven't yet decided which one do I want to attend yet. But what I know is what I'll wear. the 31 is the last day of winter as September 1 is spring day! this look has elements of both seasons without being scatter, the beige and gold for winter, floral for with. I already have similar items in my closet to put it together, what's left is just for me to decide where I'm going. Do you like this look? share

Spring Countdown

A Wear sequin top
$71 - awear.com

Current elliott

Suede sandals
$880 - cricket-fashion.com

Marni handbag

Charlotte Russe set of bangle