Monday, 28 May 2012

pink Monday

I usually say pink is not my favourite colour, but after taking a look at my handbag I've just realised otherwise! lol, just look?  I bought the pink BlackBerry because a portion of the money made on sales goes to a breast cancer foundation! good enough excuse. Then all the Rimmel, uhm...I just like, the pink handbag-hook? yes I just like it too! lol

Pink er'day

this here is Loyiso's enviable pink collection taken from her Instagram page! all I can say is...WOW! even her bible is pink!

Denim and Red

Denim shirt: Hand Ten, Legit jeans, Mr Price boots and belt, Jay Jay's cat eye sunglasses , Fashion Express bag
Last Saturday a close friend arranged a "get together" in Mdantsane. This is what I wore. It wasn't the first time I'd worn the outfit, the only difference is that I'd worn it with leo print flat pumps previous. Love what the wedge leopardprint boots added! pure fierceness! and my oh so gorg neck-piece.  For some weird reason though, I didn't take any pics

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Really Interesting Couples!

We all love successful and fabulous personality, but it's even better when they pair with equally awesome mates. I've put together these pictures of my favourite celebrity couples. Both from South Africa and Hollywood. In a not so particular order.

Thembi Seete and that guy from Denim. They have similar backgrounds, both from failed music bands now doing their own thing, both look really young for their again and good looking.

South Africa superstar disc jockey, DJ Black Coffee looks really happy with actress wife Mbali Mlotshwa, but I must say this pair really surprised me. They seem happy together

This YMCMB boy must really love stable-mate Nicki Minaj, look at how much his girlfriend Black Chyna resembles! I'm not sure what she does hey, but they're always everywhere. Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. Maybe I should change the title of this post, because these certainly aren't my favourite celebs lol. Just an interesting combo!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Vertical stripes!! I'm in love!

I've love stripes for the longest time. Black and white stripes particularly, but only horizontal ones. Lately I've been seeing a lot of vertical striped pieces, jeans, leggings, blazers, and blouses. I must say I love this new "twist" to stripes. I've been wanting, needing a vertical striped blouse for a while now, then yesterday after work I went window-shopping in town! guess what, it turned out to be actual shopping, I found the perfect blouse at a reasonable price. There was black and white, maroon and beige with black parts, but the black and beige one stole my heart. One of my favourite bloggers Ambrosia M rocks hers with so much swagg, I just had to have it! :)

don't know the name of the Boutique where I got the blouse

high low skirt

My beautiful friend Lerato bought me this lovely high low skirt. It's one my favourite trends out there. Here I wore it out to dinner with a white shirt, on a different day wore it with a leopard print poloneck. 

OOTD 04/05/2012

Friday 04/05/2012: dressed like my momma! lol...pearls, denim jacket, jersey dress and pumps! 

my beautiful friends, Zora Dick and Lerato Pholo

Toya Delazy

Toya deLaZy aka Latoya is a talented pianist, songwriter and composer from Southern Africa. She started taking classical lessons in piano at age 9 and in 2008 She then started with Jazz piano at a local university which has also helped her achieve her unique edge,Toi's music is a mix of Pop, jazz and classical music. Toya has released her first single Pump it on! Which made it's debut on 5fm and is becoming a massive summer hit! Her eclectic style, like her music, make her stand out. Not to sound like I don't believe in my fellow South Africans, but when I first heard Toya's music I was convince she's from the USA or Europe, her sound is fresh and unique.

absolutely this colour combination and the glasses! beautiful

Watch this video and tell me you haven't fallen in love with this girl! I love her

Sources: Info and pics: Toya's facebook page


Okay so let me do a quick recap of what I've been doing, it's a lot but I will try not bore you with the details. I would love to go into detail, but thanks to a friend of mine who says I get carried I way when I write, so I'll keep it simple and just post my outfits for whatever I was doing. Posting on Instagram makes me a bit lazy to post on my blog.

Sunday walk at the beach. Skirt and tommies; Mr Price, Vest; Woolies

regular day at work. Jeans: Legit; shoes: Mr Price; Shirt:Ackermans; Blazer: foschini