Friday, 30 March 2012

Friday Fella #2

The first time I 'met' him, he said "Sawbona unjani?(Zulu for hallo, how are you), If you can GPS swag you can find me" so I did and found him and I've been using that phrase since . That's an opening line to his verse in  a hit song he did with South African rapper Hip Hop Pansula and Ameen . I'm talking about mr 10/10 himself, Nigerian rapper Naeto C(30). The song called, "Boogie Down" received a lot of airplay, throughout Africa. Since that track I've heard a lot more from the musician. Born in Houston, Texas to a Nigerian couple, Naeto spent his early childhood in Ireland, where his parents ambassadors. He later moved to his homeland, Lagos, Nigeria to finish his secondary school. Done with that, Naeto C went to America and graduated at George Washington University with a B Sc in biology. An achieve he is clearly proud of, as he says in his banger track '10/10' . His debut album "You Know my P" was released in 2008 under the Mo Hit Records in Nigeria. Naeto C has since performed in big African events such as the Channel O awards and BET Cypher Hip Hop awards in 2011. His eclectic style has captured my eye. A mixture of Ankara (African) prints and modern pieces makes stand out.

who else can pull off Ankara print pants and Vanz

Looking extra fresh at the 2010 Channel O music video awards

Loving this grey

The Super C in the stunning Versace  HM collection bomber jacket

this caftan is 10/10 (pictured here with Cybil Nyte)

So fresh so clean!

Sources: wikipedia and Naeto C's Instagram( @naetosuperc) and his Facebook page

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