Thursday, 10 May 2012

Vertical stripes!! I'm in love!

I've love stripes for the longest time. Black and white stripes particularly, but only horizontal ones. Lately I've been seeing a lot of vertical striped pieces, jeans, leggings, blazers, and blouses. I must say I love this new "twist" to stripes. I've been wanting, needing a vertical striped blouse for a while now, then yesterday after work I went window-shopping in town! guess what, it turned out to be actual shopping, I found the perfect blouse at a reasonable price. There was black and white, maroon and beige with black parts, but the black and beige one stole my heart. One of my favourite bloggers Ambrosia M rocks hers with so much swagg, I just had to have it! :)

don't know the name of the Boutique where I got the blouse

decided to leave the hat because it's not sunny

Urban outfitters 

Ambrosia's blouse is from Forever21

because I wore the outfit to work, I wore a beige trench coat over it to make it a bit  formal


  1. you look so beautiful.loving the hair and the pop of colour from the clutch.

  2. This shirt is STUNNING.....

    following you too now.. and on twitter.
    love your style girl xo

  3. HOT. HOT. HOT. Hay inoba uliPhethe iMonti! :-)

  4. I want it all!!!!Where did you get these????

  5. shoes(Prato) and red bag(free2bu) from Edgars, shirt from Popstars


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