Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Really Interesting Couples!

We all love successful and fabulous personality, but it's even better when they pair with equally awesome mates. I've put together these pictures of my favourite celebrity couples. Both from South Africa and Hollywood. In a not so particular order.

Thembi Seete and that guy from Denim. They have similar backgrounds, both from failed music bands now doing their own thing, both look really young for their again and good looking.

South Africa superstar disc jockey, DJ Black Coffee looks really happy with actress wife Mbali Mlotshwa, but I must say this pair really surprised me. They seem happy together

This YMCMB boy must really love stable-mate Nicki Minaj, look at how much his girlfriend Black Chyna resembles! I'm not sure what she does hey, but they're always everywhere. Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram. Maybe I should change the title of this post, because these certainly aren't my favourite celebs lol. Just an interesting combo!

Style Royalty! I don't care who says what bout this pair, they are the most stylish couple ever! This pic was taken in  2010, that's two years ago but just look at how on point they are! Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are just perfect for each other. Apparently they are both very shallow, it's deep! lol

The gorgeous former MTV VJ now businesswoman and reality TV star Lala and her baller husband Carmelo Anthony. Aren't they just the most perfect pair?


  1. Cute post. Love your blog, you have amazing style.


  2. Thank you Que, checked out yours too! Stunning stuff, I follow you



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