Monday, 24 June 2013

How Bomb!!

OH how can I forget baby!!! Posted this on my twitter/bbm/instagram/facebook all over the show, but my blog! Can you believe me?! lol. I was featured on one of my favorite fashion blogs The Fashion Bomb Daily  on Saturday as the Fashion Bombshell of the day. My friend Eric submitted the pics, I'd never put myself on the spot like that, no never not me :D.  Must say when he first shared Claire's tweet about the bombshell Zona from SA I wanted to strangle him! How could he, I mean all I see on that site is designer wear, perfectly done makeup, crisp photos the works ! how could I ever match that with my iPhone pics? hehehe but anyways excitement kicked in and fears vamoosed! I'm the second SA based babe to featured there so I'm chuffed. Bet if you follow my blog you will know that the pics used are oldish, but I guess Eric and Claire picked their faves so we can't argue with the greats lol :) From the experience Here a link (here)and a screenshot.


  1. congrats girlie..i happen to think you totally deserve that and more...i love your blog to bits and i wish you posted more' drop by my blog later after you take it all in Fashion Bombshell

    xo sue


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