Thursday, 6 June 2013

Brands and I

Last night I had the most bizarre but one of the most enjoyable dreams. In it I was dressed in the most gorgeously embellished Balmain creation. No special occasion, just having tea with a friend. You can imagine my devastation when my alarm went off marking the kick-in of reality. Rather a painful slap back into reality. I had to drag myself up and adorn my not so high end clothes, bleh! The dream is still vivid in my head, if only it would come true. It got me thinking about the realities of the average fashion blogger from a developing (I don't want to say third world) country like South Africa. A similar piece to what I dreamed of costs R118 370(here).That's a price of a brand new descent car here. The piece is sold out! I've some fashion bloggers who wear Balmain, Balenciaga, Fendi, YSL to mention a few and wonder how they do it! Though I wouldn't call myself a fashion blogger, I know most of the pieces from these fashion power houses by season. I'll be honest I wish I could afford all them but until then, I'd rather stick to my NO brands rule. It's easy to fall in the trap and buy those "Lewis Vitton", Yves "Sant" Lauren  and "Guggi", did I mention the maroon bottoms sold as Christian Louboutins? Personally I think there's nothing wrong with loving fashion, but keeping to the stuff one can afford. after all it's really more about style and quality rather than the label. With that said I don't see anything with items inspired by the big guns, but not replica or fake. Below are some examples of these KIRFs(keeping it real fake). Maybe you've won the lottery and want to splurge! :)

The dress I dreamed of is similar to this :D. Too gorgeous 

The high gloss red sole is the original(according to the site)

Paris vs China 

this one's easy, the one on the left is the real mccoy. Lewis Vitton vs Louis Vuitton

can you spot the fake between these two Rolex time pieces?

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