Wednesday, 10 July 2013

short hair don't care!

Hey you!

Last week I took off the 18 inch hair extensions I had for the past two months. This amid the chaos of moving into a new flat. That left me dead tired and broke. I had to run to my emergency savings(which aren't thaaat big a sum) to cover the deposits and moving cost because I hadn't planned to move this month. But an opportunity to move into a unit where I'll be the first occupant, affordable and close to most amenities was one I wasn't gonna miss. Needless to say, I'm so happy I braved out and moved. Surprisingly I didn't have any qualms about leaving the beach community I've been living in for a very long time.  In the middle of the whole moving process I took sometime out to fix up my hair. I took out the extensions, washed and treated my relaxed hair which hasn't been relaxed for four months now. The untouched roots are insanely kinked up lol. I'm not sure what I'll do with it though, relax or chop off and go natural again? I don't know. For now this pixie cut weave will do! If you've read diary of a Zulu Girl you will know that this hairdo is a big no-no in the big cities and cool crowds luckily I'm not part of either! lol. My sis took these snaps of me on Sunday :)

Till next time :*

Orange top: Jet, purple pants(they look blue on camera though) Legit, flatforms: Legit, Gold necklace: Foschini, gold cuff and leopard print belt: Mr Price, and my friend Eric's aviators


  1. You look so haute! I was just talking cropped weaves with my kid sis today (really love how well the Ciara chop up looks on Dara!)Yay! on the move -- I think it'll take me a month if not more to recover after a move. You're looking stunning! Are you on a new workout programme or is it just that I haven't seen pictures of you in a while?


  2. New flat, new hair - this was a great start for you. Also, it’s good to see your natural hair at its best. Hair extensions are good options, but of course it needs a break sometimes. Just keep it in a safe place so when the time comes that you want to use it again, it will still be in good condition.

    Tommy @


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