Wednesday, 6 June 2012

my insta favourites!

here's a few pics on my Instagram page. Please follow me there on @zona_za

On my way to dinner at Bora Bora

At a friend's braai about 2 to 3 months ago :D

Gift from a friend for my birthday, I haven't used it, I just love to look at it! :D

view from one of my favourite restaurants Bora Bora

me heading to work(Aztec print Tshirt from Jay Jay's) 

meal served at the dinner with the president event I attended a month ago

Food!! :D

Okay so it's no secret that I love food ^_^ a lot!

Got the vintage cosmetic bag at a second hand store. Love it to bits!

me and my buddy Eric Gyma


  1. gorgeous vintage cosmetic bag my friend. like this post

  2. You like it cause you you loove Instagram, can't believe you introduced me to it and you're a BlackBerry head! lol...Thanks dear twin

    1. hahaha i have a secret longing for an iPhone and after the bb contract expires, i am getting myself one

  3. Somebody decided to change their theme!It's more YOU Zona and I like it. OMG I love your outfit to Bora Bora-it's really an urban vinatge look. Your friend looks good-it's rare to find men who dress well these days, you also look gorge in the pic.

  4. the last photo with your buddy, YOUR SHOES <3 gorgeous!

    Lovely post :)
    Chloe Polo
    Enter my competition? :)

  5. Ooh wow that aztec t-shirt from jayjays is AWESOME.. I'm in there often, don't know how I missed that one.. I DEF would have grabbed it for myself ;)

    following your blog now doll :) :)


  6. Your Bora Bora ensemble is gorgeous! And that vintage find, damn!


Thanks a lot for your comment :)