Thursday, 21 June 2012

Forever New hits East London

Australian clothing retailer Forever New opened at Hemingways mall East London on Monday, much to the delight of us small town style/fashion addicts. From the dazzling and daring accessories to the pretty pastel and 'shy' shades of beige, I'm sold! Pity I'm broke at the moment, I couldn't buy anything at the store, but as soon as get sorted I'll haul.

Forever New(source)

Stunning Gold neckpiece


  1. Oh cool!! I LOVE this store, hearts especially for the Scarf printed Bustier and the bottom black necklace... SO GREAT!

    .. Not so great on my wallet :(



    1. The bustier is just disgustingly stunning man! it's R599.99...I need a second job hey lol

  2. We have Forever New here in PE and I always leave the shop dissapointed-You should watch out for their sales though....I got the gold oversized clutch for R116-and a dress for R140.

  3. Blackboldvoice is right about Forever New sales, they are ridiculous! And make sure to get there very fast. Im so happy they opened the store there, youre gonna look even more gorgeous than you already to. Now they must add Cotton On.


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