Thursday, 13 September 2012

My First Ever Rubybox 

There's nothing more exciting for a lady than to unleash a mystery of stunning goodies in a box. Be it diamonds, chocolate or beauty products, we love it all! Two days ago, I experienced that good feeling when opening my first ever Rubybox. After hearing a lot about the monthly subscription, I just had to have it. A couple of emails later, viola! I recieved my September Rubybox, and boy am I chuffed.

my favourite sample in my Rubybox

My September Rubybox consists of a Palmolive shower gel, which I tried out at the gym the same day. It has eucalyptus extracts that gives my skin that fresh minty feeling! I'm definitely buying it when the sample is finished. 

From top left: Piz Buin tan and protect, Givenchy Very Irresistable Electric Rose sample, Camilla nail vanish, and a  Rubybox angle powder brush

Unfortunately I won't be using the Piz Buin tan and protect lotion for obvious reason! lol...I don't need a tan Thanks. 

Givenchy Electric Rose, it smells good, and it lasts but I'm not that big on floral

The nail polish is stunning though! I applied two days ago, and it has not chipped nor bubbled. I love the colour as well. Out of five hook and eye buttons, I give it a dazzling 4!

Last but not least, the Rubybox angled brush, I love it. It's soft and fluffy and an angled brush is easy to work  with, especial around the eye area.

My over-all opinion on the September Rubybox: It's really really nice. I'm definitely looking forward to the October one.

You can also join in the mystery and first-hand experience on new products by subscribing for just R100 a month on the Rubybox website.

Till later darlings


  1. Lovely post Zona!Where can I get the link to your Tumblr blog?

    1. Thanks Andie ☺. I don't post much on Tumblr, I just ogle at all the stunning pieces I come across there's my link

  2. Love the pink on you! We do GlossyBox in the UK - also just did my first review on it: :) Love that you got a massive full size shower gel. It's like Christmas once a month! x

    1. Ta Ta...I checked out your Glossybox, it's so pretty and the samples look bigger than ours! how nice

  3. Lovely blog! I'm following and I hope you do the same. kisses

  4. Love the nail polish color, and it looks great with this nail shape.

    PS Thanks a lot for your kind comment on my blog and following! Come again, new post is ready. :) And I follow you back!!!

    xo, Victoria,
    'The Wind of Inspiration' blog

  5. I love that nail polish. I am definitely a huge berry fan this fall.

    xo Tasheema

  6. Hey thanks for the follow...following back! Nice blog! Keep it up!


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