Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Fella #3: Miguel

His song ""Adorn"" has been making waves all over the radio and TV and it's been a constant #NP joint on social networks. Adorn is not the first hit from this talent 26 year old. Miguel, full name Miguel Jontel Pimentel first shot to fame after releasing his debut album in 2010. The first single ""All I want is you"" featuring  rapper J.Cole reached number 7 in the US Billboard charts. For an RnB fanatic like myself, he couldn't have come at a better tome.

Miguel's next single "sure thing" soon followed and didn't disappointed, peaking at number one on the RnB chart. Since then, up is the only direction Miguel's career has been taking.  He featured on Wale's "Lotus flower bomb"", one of the best collaboration in '11! Love the song.

I love love this guy's music, and I can't wait to get his new album "Kaleidoscope" released on Wednesday.  Now check out Miguel's fresh style. Unfortunately gay rumours have been doing the rounds about him, but he's not phased. In an interview with radio station Power 105.1 he said he understands that rumours will always be there about anyone, and maybe it's his style that set them off. In his latest music video he features his girlfriend of 7 years to prove a point lol...

Now here are a few pics of this stylish young fella

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