Friday, 7 December 2012

Ralo Summer Makeup colours!

Since last year I've been ranting and raving about how cool Ralo Cosmetics makeup is. Judging from their latest colour range, I won't stop raving any time soon. The lovely ladies at the beauty chains head office in Cape Town sent me gorgeous colours to work with this summer! Boy am I loving them.

In summer I'm always a little sceptical of wearing make up as it can easily melt and look a hot mess. But considering that I don't want to take time off beauty, I've picked up a few tips on how to put on light weight, melt-proof make up.

1. Go easy on the foundation: there are BB creams out in the market, they are a great light weight alternative. Or like me you can just mix your favourite face moisturizer and with a tiny bit of your foundation.
2. Try out bright colours! on your lips or eyes, but not both...if the eyes are bold then go easy on the lips and vice versa.
3. Glow but don't shine. A light weight powder and  a hint of bronzer will give a lovely glow.

What are your summer make up tips??

lime blouse: Popstars, floral skater skirt; Mr Price, black studded sandals: David Tlale at Legit

My beautiful colleague Melody let me do her make up too! It was a bit challenging because Melo never wears it, so I didn't do something too shocking for her. With her flawless skin I didn't even use foundation on her. I just did the eyes, lips and chicks. Isn't she stunning!

All items available at Ralo( locate your nearest store here)


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