Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Everyday face!

Hi there

It's no secret that as I grow older, like many ladies I know I've started to like makeup, a lot. However as much as I love catching the beat I like to keep it simple. I do switch it up for nights out and special occasions but on the daily I keep it so minimal you'd think I'm bare faced. I started wearing makeup regularly about two years ago(yes, late bloomer in many books but yeah lol).I see myself as a beginner.  Makeup for the longest time really was not a big deal here in SA. Many ladies don't wear it at all. However many are starting to wear it like my newbie self. I've started a Youtube channel wherein I'll share the little that I've learnt so far on makeup/beauty and style. Yes there are millions of beauty channels out there, but there aren't many by South African girls. It's all well and good oooh and aaah about gorgeous makeup on YT but it sucks that some of the products used by the girls from the US/UK are either not available at all here or super expensive. Now with this channel I'm using items that are available in SA and inexpensive. Phew, that was mouthful! anyhoo here's the video of my everyday makeup. Check it out, subscribe to the channel, rate and comment.

before meets after :D



  1. Love the look- quite simple and yet so glamorous! Definitely checking out your YT channel


Thanks a lot for your comment :)