Tuesday, 25 March 2014

About Me!

Good day love

As I share in a previous post,  I have started a Youtube Channel. The content of the channel will mostly be makeup, beauty, style and just general things about life. I posted two videos a few weeks ago that were tutorials but I hadn't introduced myself. So today I've just uploaded an introduction entitled "About Me". It's really brief but I felt it had to be done. Of course as time goes by I will share more about myself. For now though check this out.


  1. Well done for taking the plunge into the world of Youtube. I'd defintely like to take the plunge as well, towards the end of the year. Good luck babe. Would you like to follow each other? I'm now following you on GFC :) xx

  2. Oh wow!! Need to get me that Dream matte Mouse - You look gorgeous, so professionally done.


Thanks a lot for your comment :)