Tuesday, 21 May 2013

OOTD: South African Autumn

Yes! This was taken in the middle of autumn! right, that cold season before freezing winter. But, not here baby, it's not cold at all. This is an outfit I wore last week Friday. The pics were taken in a smaller town close to East London called King Williams Town. Believe it or not this is actually an office park :)

black pleated pleather skater skirt is from here. I've worn all the other stuff before :)



  1. Girl! I love your skater skirt, I recently got a similar one from Mr. Price, can we just thank the Lord for Mr. Price?! It is clothing us rightly, tightly and very affordable. I buy most of my trend items from Mr. Price, I don't know about you I do not wanna spend thousands on trend items that are going to be out of fashion, I reserve my thousands for staple wardrobe pieces. Anyway, I love the whole fit autumn is being a little crazy right now, its too hot.

    1. oh chile! did you just sum up what I planned to have a whole post about in one comment? lol... but seriously Mr Price is awesome for trends. You find that you don't go there for the low prices but for stuff you cant find any place else and the price is just a bonus! I fall out of love with clothes really quick so I can't be spending big on each and every item. No, Thanks Bye lol.


  2. Aww You look Cute, Love that Jacket!
    Claudia xx


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