Thursday, 16 May 2013

I took a short left!

I won't even talk bout my long absence. I'm a really bad blogger, I know. But please allow me to gloat about the awesome time I had last weekend. On Friday I packed up and went to visit a friend in Durban. The weather was terrible in East London, heavy rains and strong winds, and the predictions weren't looking good for Durban and the south coast areas either. Wasn't sure what to and not to pack. As I result I brought a whole bunch of things I never got to wear. The plan was to arrive in Durban early on Friday chill a bit then drive to the breathtaking San Lameer, a golf estate resort before sunset. But the weather would just not allow :( We drove down on Saturday. It wasn't sunny but better than Friday. Honestly I just didn't wanna go anymore, what the point of going to such a beautiful place in such crappy weather? Luckily the weather cleared up on Sunday, sunny without a single cloud in the sky. We drove around the estate in a golf cart, just admiring the beauty of the place. Apart from the lagoon there are plenty of private beaches. I didn't take any pics in my bikini though. lol...From San Lameer we drove to Sun Coast sun for the awesomest river cruise, drinks, lunch and dinner. Here are some of the pics I took.

View from my room at San Lameer Mondazur hotel and spar(this was taken when it was raining on Saturday)

Then Viola! The sun came out

Me cheesing :)

spotted the national animal, the Springbok at the estate

The name of this tree though lol

during the golf cart drive around

Fast forward, this now the Mtamvuna river which goes down to  'meet' the  ocean

how Avatar cool are these river banks? (if that's what it's called)

Scenic River Cruise

Dinner on Saturday

freshest prawns I've ever tasted

I always have time for a selfie, even on holiday! lol

San Lameer estate

Moral of the story? We all dream of Mauritius and all but there are gorgeous places in South Africa to explore. Start here. Take a short left. 



  1. OMGosh....your vacay pics are out of here....who needs to go to Mauritius'''not me' i so want to take a short left' love all your outfits'
    all my love from kenya.

    1. Thank you Susan! the bigger plan is to see all the jewels in SA then the whole continent :D so one day, oneee day I'll be in Kenya :)

  2. I wish I was there...Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

    1. Only a pleasure hun. doing another trip some time next month, will share the pics!


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