Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Wowo is a wowzer!

I met this beautiful young lady, Wowo(real name Xoliseka) on Twitter sometime last year. She's an intelligent little missy, well on her way to becoming a lawyer. Wowo's style is also an interesting bit about her, which is why is featured here. Here's what she has to say bout her style "I just grab whatever's cute, I wanna be comfortable too. I'm a big girl so I like to cover up as much as I can, I don't want stuff hanging out in the wrong places(chuckles). I just wanna be sexxy! Big girls can be sexy too!"-Wowo.... Below are some of my favourites in her classy, diva lookbook. 

Shift top double take

The elbow patches are sooo stunning

Add caption

different looks with a mint shirt and black skirt

Love the leg-warmers

Mint shirt, maxi skirt, head-wrap! trends on trends on trends!!!


  1. Two features on two blogs I read in the space of two weeks! Not only can Miss Wowo dressup, I think she's sorts kinda stalking me. LOL *snort*

    Love from Jo'burg

    1. And she didn't even tell me!? I will ping her ten times for this lol..


  2. Loving miss Wowo style. Representing us big girls very well indeed.



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