Thursday, 23 August 2012

B*&#h Stole My Look:Hollywood vs Jozi

I just said that out loud in my best Joan Rivers voice. I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase from a segment on Fashion Police on Style Network.  As it says, it's about people accidental or intentionally(most times) doing a look that been done before. Personally I think it's inevitable really, clothes are made in bulk most of the time, even big brand make a whole range to sell, so it's bound to happen. Now check out such "b*&#h stole my look" moment between South African  vs Hollywood stars.

Carmen!!!but Penny doen't look bad either

The design is exactly the same but Tumi's fabric doesn't suit the cut! it's all just a lil too much, bright colour and shiny fabric? hack no! and the similar pose? pure coincidence?! lol 

Bonang wins! I love how the top fits her

Dineo wore the dress in July while Lala wore just a few days ago, but I don't like Dineo's shoes with the dress. Lala's is by Aqua, not sure bout Dineo's
Kerry's bare chest just doesn't sit well with me so Lee-Anne takes it!

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  1. Great Post! I like Kerry's Outfit better but I don't understand why she did not finish the look with a banging necklace! that just threw it all off!

  2. Awesome post babe! Our very own Fashion Police ;)

  3. Hahahahahaha!I love this post!It just goes to show that our 'celebs' look at international 'celebs' for some inspiration.We are not so different after all.


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