Thursday, 5 July 2012

Random post! Wate On

Over the years I've gained a lot of weight, which I am now I'm trying to lose. I've gained 10 kilograms since I finish versity in 2008. Back when I was still in versity I used to do boxing, only for fun so I guess that's how I kept the extra weight off. Ever since I started working I haven't joined gym, I just jogged for a couple of months last year. I do worry about weight, and sometime I worry a lot more than other times. Last year after the jogging didn't "work" I did the master cleanse, which has to be one of the most difficult things I've ever done. I didn't eat any solids for 8 straight days, but still din't achieve my desired results! Though I don't go to gym, I'm very active you know! Sucks to see people who eat junk everyday  and never gain a kilo...but hey I guess we can't all be skinny hun. anyway forget my rambling and check out this picture below. Apparently, decades ago it was cool to be chubby, especially in summer.



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