Monday, 30 July 2012

Congrats Mum!

My mother inspires me in many different ways. She brought up all four of us all on her own when she got divorced. She ensured through everything that we are happy and well supported. Great teacher and motivator, both at home and at work. Today she graduated in an Advanced Certificate in Education. I accompanied her to the graduation, never having gone to my own, I was so proud to hear her name being called. It's amazing how at her age she manages to juggle work, running a household, having grand kids and us(who'll forever be her babies,lol) and still find the time to study. I'm greatly inspired, such that I will enrol to do my BTech in journalism next here.

We took pics with our phones :)
me and mummy

I wore a gold peplum top from Foschini, Black Mr. Price pencil skirt, Beige Sissy Boy platforms, Minx watch, gold  Nostalgia chunky chain




  1. happy to hear you are inspired, you and your mum both look amazing, especially love your outfit. Absolute banger!

  2. Ncaaaaw! Your mum is a boss. Education is everything, we need more women like her. Go mum!

    Much love from Jo'burg

  3. Big One Up for your Moms!You look stunning!Where are you thinking of doing your Btech in Journalism?

    1. Thanks Andy. Will do my Btech at WSU, that's where I did Ndip

  4. you looked amazing, very chic. Congratulations to your mum :D


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