Thursday, 17 November 2011

I got "Swagged"!


SwagEcators: Class in progress
About a week ago I told a guy friend about my baby blog, after checking it out he said "It's nice but, needs a bit of swag, lol". I thought that wouldn't be such a bad idea, but how and where do I get the swag...firstly what is swag anyway? I have, countless times used and heard the word. But just to make sure I understand correctly, like any mother would. I wanted to know the "medicine" recommended for my "baby". I Googled swag-Urban dictionary gave me this definition "appearance ,style ,or the way he or she presents themselves"...close enough to what my original understanding was and still is; Swag or swagger is the ability to stand out, be stylish, hustle hard and being unapologetic for refusing to blend in. That refusal to blend in can be identified by the clothes you choose to wear, the way you sing or rap!or just about any way you choose to express yourself, without harming anyone but elevating yourself and those around you. The friend, who recommended my blog's "swaggaCation" as I now put it, introduced me to his two friends and co-business owners. Lu (the friend) promised me swag, suggested the friends on Facebook, I added them. We arranged a meeting, the swaggaCation of my blog officially started. Between the three of them, Buzwe Mancoba, Dumaza Ndata and Lungile Mpharu own three businesses. Red Light Hip Hop, Apii, and MCK ie. Middle Class Kidz. We had the interview at Avanti, a restaurant in Vincent, smalltown style; beer and lots of laughter. All smalltown style except the odd camera rolling, thanks to my love for Toys, which is a topic for another post. Red Light Hip Hop promoter and manager Buzwe said Red Light is all about events coordination and management. “Red Light came by accident, we were approaching the end of the year last year (2010) and we just wanted to throw a big hip hop party. We put together everything, promoted the gig in all social networks, booked local Hip Hop DJs, and the first Red Light even was born. From then on the team has organised jam packed shows, giving much needed variety in East London's night scene. Buzwe was quick to point that organising Hip Hop event in this small town isn't for anyone looking to score a quick buck. "There's no money in events of this nature, we do it for the love of it. Another issue is that some club owners want a huge amount of the proceeds generated from the events, from the entrance fees to the sales of drinks," said Buzwe.
On the other hand though, Apii, the clothing brand is doing great. The team managed to get a deal to dress Rick Ross and his crew on his South African leg of the "Blowing Money Fast Tour". Lungile reckons that's one of the highlights these young hustlers' can point out for now. "Beating off competition from big brands like Head Honcho and Butan Wear was a great validation for us that we're good at this, and we're gonna go far with it,"said Lungile. Apii hasn't released any new merchandise this year, selling off all the stuff designed last year. Buzwe told me Apii's new range coming out next year, February will be "EPIC". "We'll release a range of gear, from rosary accessories, smartphone pouch and loads more,"said the enthusiastic Mr. Mancoba, I quickly stopped him, we don't wanna give competition any new addition to this brand family is Middle Class Kidz(MCK), Dumaza's baby.  MCK has produced a wide range of T-Shirts, in different colours, truckers and THAT exclusive sweater Duma has on.In response to my question about the quality of the T-shirts, Duma said MCK Teez are the real McCoy, they don't fade. They have ladies' cut Teez as well. "We cater for the ladies, with curvy and colourful T-Shirt Cut," said Duma. The interesting twist to MCK's release is the "dozens" theme. Duma a.k.a Dome explains it; "We've release 12 exclusive Truckers, we targeting the fellow or the lady who doesn't want to blend in, you own a trucker and you know that only eleven other people have it,"..."One can get the Teez for R120 and the truckers for R170," said Duma. The guys don't have a deal with any chain store for now, if  you're interested, order through their Facebook accounts, they all use the names and surnames listed at begging. Check them out on Twitter. Their handles are: @im_Buzwe ; its_DoMe and @Lun_gile ...We chat about a whole lot of other things, look out for the video, coming up soon on my YouTube Channel. Pity Lu couldn't join us, he's in Grahamstown for his 925.

P.S from the Red Light, MCK, and Apii family; hustle hard on the street, but keep a Nine To Five. 

Small town girls concurs.

Lungile rocking an Apii Tee


Duma aka DoMe


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