Monday, 1 February 2016

Hello Birthday month!

Earlier today I created a "quote" on Quote Creator which says "I decided that 2016 starts again on February 1st. January was a trial month." Honestly that is how I feel. If I were to let January be the month to set  the tone for the rest of my 2016 then I would have to call for its end to come. Fast. The year got off to a shaky start for me. I have just got back to work after a rough week off sick. I will share more on that on a separate post altogether by the way. For now though, here is my first outfit for the "new year". February is also my birthday, which makes it that bit extra.

Outfit details : shirt: Fashion Express(very old, got it in 2012) Skirt : AliExpress Shoes: Prato at Edgars(also old, bought in 2012) Sunglasses:


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