Thursday, 28 November 2013

Arty's lookbook shoot!

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Earlier this month my super talented friend Arty Mgudlwa shot a lookbook for his fast growing fashion label. Arty has been dressing Afro Pop sensation Berita for over a year now. The collection is mostly made up of pieces that were conceptualized around Berita's red carpet and stage looks, designed, styled and created by Arty himself. He asked me to do the makeup for the shoot and I gladly did. As a group of five friends with only two as pro's on the task for the shoot (Arty and photographer Sino Majangaza), we did the first official shoot for Arty. Eric directed the photography, Unathi and Ubi modelled and I did the facepaint. The brief was to give the girls a very simple look, nothing too flashy. So I decided on a basic goldish smokey eye and nude lips, later switched up the lips with orange and pink lipsticks. Below are some behind the scenes. Head on over to Arty's blog for the final product.

from left: Unathi(model), Eric(DOP), Arty(fashion designer and stylist), myself(makeup) and Ubi(model)

 side note: not a pro MUA yet. Excuse the picture quality, posting via Blackerry


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