Tuesday, 1 October 2013

black girl problems: receding hairline

We've all seen sobering pictures of Naomi Campbell's receding hairline. Sadly she's not the only woman experiencing the problem. Many jokingly associate it with black professional nurses (don't ask me why, but if you're South African I'm sure you've heard this before). Yes back in the day they used to be mostly affected because they constantly plated/braided their hair. Now with the popularity of hair extensions, weaves and braids, more and more younger people are losing their hair. Here are a few tips that have been proven to prevent traction alopecia (inji bhabha)

1. With any hairstyle you choose, it must not be done too tight, pulling your hair. This includes the styling of dreadlocks as well.
2. Every once in a while give your hair and scalp a break. Say a month or two weave/braid free. 3. Moisturize your scalp often regardless of the style you're wearing. 
4. Minimize any heat on your real hair when wearing a leave out weave. 
5. Never ever relax your hair the same of removing braids or extension. 
6. Wash and condition your hair regular, with or without extensions or braids on. 
7. Last but not least, use castor oil to base your roots. Yes castor oil you find in the medical section in stores. It's brilliant on hair. Keeps the scalp healthy and moist. It kills bacteria, helps prevent dandruff and helps keep your hair growing healthily. 
There's absolutely nothing wrong with wearing extensions, it must just be done right. I know a lot of people who only started noticing growth in the hair after they started wearing extensions. However I must add the obvious, I am not a professional, this is all information I've picked up online, friends and my own personal experiences. I decided to post this after I noticed a lot of people on facebook were shocked that my hair is indeed healthy under all the extensions I always wear. Yes it is short but it's healthy and my hairline is intact thanks to the few tips above.

like  I said, my hair is short but I'm happy with "health status" :)

one of my favourite styles when I don't have any extensions on is the sock-bun. Easy and fail-proof 

I wear extension a lot

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