Monday, 18 March 2013


Hello, Hi! This is an outfit I wore last week Friday. I was in a very good morning, as expected, Friday is the best day of the week! lol...So far I'm enjoying my purple braids, but I'm boring because I always wear it in a bun. Love my bun :). Excuse my ever so boring background! it's the backdoor at my office, I snick a pic during lunch time.

White Peplum top is from Mr. Price, jeans and floral sandals from Fashion Express, bag from Legit
The cat eye sunglasses are from Woolworths

wearing Maybelline dream matte mouse and a Ralo Pink lippie, ring also from Mr. Price

Hope you have a lovely weekend, mine was not too bad either



  1. Makeup always on point, you must post a tutorial vid.

  2. Love your looks
    You have interesting and nice blog! Follow you, hope you follow me back. Keep in touch, greetings from Moscow!


Thanks a lot for your comment :)