Tuesday, 22 January 2013

outfit of the day

I haven't been inspired to do an 'outfit of the day' in a while. I take most of my photos with my phone, so the quality is not so great. Because of this I'm not so excited about posting anymore. I've been working on getting a good quality DSLR with not much success. Hopefully before June I will succeed. In the mean time here's an OOTD from a few weeks back. Finally wore this peplum top I got from Fashion Express in October. It's summer here, so I later changed the pants for shorts because of the heat. 

Top: Fashion Express, Pants and Neckpiece: Mr Price, studded sandals: Legit

excuse the awkward pose and even worse picture quality lol.  The shorts are also from Fashion Express



  1. Look who's back! You look lovely, Zona. That top luurrrves your figure.

  2. Cute Top!
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Thanks a lot for your comment :)