Monday, 9 January 2012


I don't even know what to title this post, lemme just let the pictures do the talking...It's me and my many friends

us, out to get a Goode Rogering

I love music and radio, been a big of the Saturday Surgery on 5fm since the beginning. Roger Goode came to town, music to my ears. My name on the guestlist...EPIC night 

Mr Goode does his thing

Me and my friendly mate Sindie
Me and my Sindie

Future be looking too bright for my Sindie


My teacher friend_Linda Mputa

Thoivo Jonisto

rapper's sneaker. Pic taken in the wee hours of the morning after a night long MC battle

Sunrise of the 1st day of  2012 in Mdanstane
sunrise on the last day of 2011

my friend Thoivo, Zora in the background
The stunning Vovo

myself and Thoivo's foot

WE spent New Years eve in Mdantsane(you heard right,lol), eNdaweni met some cool people

me and my friend Phaks Mvelashe
Myself and Lerato at The Africa open Golf challenge 2012

My lovies Lerato and Zora...Wine in the sun

Former tomboy Zora and the lady since Vantoeka Vovo
my cute fellow small towner Lerato Pholo
new year! new challenges, finally had the guts to wear a bikini (I'm somewhere in the background, looking all Zebra like, lol)

My girls breakin it down on the dance floor

Ready to party!


  1. oddly i did not notice that we were wearing matching colours that day...this is so funny.
    love this, absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  2. And we didn't plan it! You know what they say bout great minds 😉

  3. your friends are beautiful....nice one


Thanks a lot for your comment :)